HVAC Systems For Grow Rooms & Greenhouses in NJ & NY

All grow rooms and greenhouses require a finely tuned HVAC system to create an ideal growing environment for crops, plants, and flowers all year-round. Regulating the temperature and humidity of the space is crucial for cultivating healthy plants.

No matter what you grow, we can help you create the ideal HVAC system for your grow room or greenhouse. Whether you have a backyard greenhouse, an exotic botanical garden, or a medical marijuana grow room, we can keep the inside environment at an optimal condition no matter if it’s 32° or 95° outside.

HVAC Equipment Sales Corp. provides HVAC services for greenhouses of all sizes as well as for medical marijuana grow rooms in the New York Metropolitan and Northern Central and Southern New Jersey Metropolitan areas.

If you’re building a new greenhouse, grow room, or just need an upgrade to your current system, contact us today so we can find the perfect solution for your space!